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thoughts, notes, studies, ...
documentation about art and artworks
Observation On Nam June Paik and Bridget Riley
home, art, images and music generator experiments
it's all bananas
Assumptions AI
Athens Block
banana project
banana blockchain prototype
Bezier-Multi-Pattern animation screenshots
the birdland images
blockchain greypaper
Break In The Frame
break in the frame kickstarter page copy
Break In The Frame PDF
About 5 Bubbbles on 2 Lines
CAS 2023-04-26 Text Based AI
CAS 2023-06-01 Image AI
catalogues and books
collect my art
coloured frames
coloured plates
compositions, de-compositions, improvisations, constructions
Counter Hacking
Three Cubes Experiment PART 1
Three Cubes Experiment PART 2
Three Cubes Experiment PART 3
Daowo summit
deer klee variations
Developing the V-R.Gallery
Eva London 2019
Eva London 2019 Day 2
Eva London 2019 Day 3
Eva London 2019 Friday
EVA London 2023 Monday
EVA London 2023 Thursday
EVA London 2023 Tuesday
EVA London 2023 Wednesday
industrial flags of the revolution
Fontein images
Formal In Formal
Formal In Formal - Overview Figures Type 3 Part 1
Formal In Formal - Overview Figures Type 3 Part 2
Formal In Formal - Overview Figures Type 3 Part 3
Formal In Formal - Overview Figures Type 3 Part 4
Formal In Formal - Overview Figures Type 3 Part 5
FRIEZE art And Architecture 2018
FRIEZE art And Architecture 2019
games on the chain
Generator List and Thoughts
Gustav Metzger TweetBot
Half-Cube Boxes
3d library generator
In loose order
In the Age of Digital Production
Inside out and outside in
In the hunt of the Wumpus
KI-Abend-Hamburg 2023-04
Knee High Thights translation
The knowledge-base image
art and language
Library For Images
An Image Library General Overview
library collection development
Scribble Structures Library
library project I - rules
List Of Generators & Bots
The John McLean Problem
2018 Mind the progress
notes ...
the old studio
postcard sculptures
Semantic random
Shape With Rules
short poem(s)
start your collection
supper cubes
Technology in Art in Technology
The Cultivated Dream Landscape
The Imitation Game
the merz project
the poeTMerz
three cube reliefs and variants
tweet random code example
Twelve K-N8s
virtual gardens
virtual nature
Virtual Theme Park
Early generators and bots
virtual gallery pong bot 1 for Brighton DeveloperConf 2017
virtual gallery bot 2
virtual gallery bot 3
What is (an Art)work?
who or what is an artist
Who is going to pay and if What

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