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Eva London 2019 day 2


bloomberg london excavation 2010-14

405 wooden writing tablets found at site

size of a post card 132x102mm usually covered with wax, disappeared, the scratches survived in the wood though enhancing surface relief by raking light the wood deliverers two surface-information, the fine texture and the year lines, the third is the writing scratches

problem: How can we assist epigrapher to read the text?

light dome elevation < 30°, 96 of 128 lights

size 80 cm diameter (for a postcard sized object)

light sequencing

the viewer is an html json solution OxRTIviewer

regression procedure (Loss of detail in PTM fitting) palaeographic interpretation

HEartS Health Economic and Social impact of the ARTs

Centre of Performance Science

Can the arts contribute to prevention or alleviation of loneliness in the society? yes. but needs access and participation.

Can the arts be used to boost social connectedness and if so, how?

software for linking artwork-capture data with visitor-linking data

analema group Kima project Sound matter resonating bodies sonic vision

bringing sound and vision together in interactive installations interface for meaningful understanding

people generated sound creates vision (kind of feedback loop) preset of patterns to visualize (what is the correct pattern) is it possible to use the voice’s pattern?

Daniela de Paulis Artistic Research on Radio

the moon as an natural satellite (post ww2 us navy tech)

project optics

live performance between earth and moon

sending an image to moon an back to another place on earth distance ~800.000 km

lose of data what kind of images do people like to send to moon (outer space)?

charles duke left an image on the moon in a clear plastic bag lose of data caused roughness of the moon surface and the radio waves from outer space.

the very first hole drilled into mars image. We can not travel to the to far away planets to explore these landscapes.

dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum.

sending brain waves to space (Carl Segan) SETI (early recordings have facial distortion fragments) CIGITO IN SPACE we are not the master of time and space exploration of the unreliability

the overview effect - frank white (astro)nauts reports a cognitive shift

eeg - cap scientific one to provide highest possible accuracy flow / stream of consciousness - states of mind VR is good in blend out any filter applied by reality/nature/environment (censorship reversed) creating a connection between the viewer and the cosmos

Scipio’s Dream

Knowlton school chris strasbaugh, digital library archivist amd curator

Is it mature, useful, flexible, sustainable, cheap enough? tech is cool, Partners and Ambassadors are essential

rhino, enscape(x), fuzor, unity

stop and evaluate if you had some success.

VR nice, AR better because the physical stuff. AR is easier than VR.

workflow document that is usable and evolving

Visual Democratization AR and the Underpass Festival

cultural programming in public spaces political constrains of tech public awareness of market operations privacy and lack of

immersive tech is struggling to respond to expectation

the value of side and context

wall paintings in public spaces + AR - interactivity see the site

Milton Keynes (new city 1960)

community practice

anise gallery avr london a_vr

dialog between artwork and architecture virtual playground kids orientated

virtualrealism rebuild the space your are in, in VR aka the gallery. findings: Old people like VR it is hard to sell artworks (in virtual and real) time limits to the experience are important vr of famous artists work in a famous gallery is more popular

my learning: location and size does still matter in nature i should put anise gallery on my list of where to go venues in London

storytelling(-neg influence) and restricting(fixed viewpoint) viewers freedom are potent create a meditative experience

cultural heritage protection

under big threads: climate change, mass tourism, environmental pollution, wars

vr-productions in cutting edge technologies

can we shared and spread our heritage?

yes we can someway.

problem : uncanny valley effect

XR for XR Carl H. Smith and Jay Cousins

Context craft: game of domes play of reality it contains: a construction toy made out of sticks and bee wax

we can shape reality we can act together

fungus / mushroom the oldest gardening species mass extinction caused be trees in the carbon area


how to get analog into the digital Let’s test other form of reality in virtuality first.

Being with media - encountering image in physical space - kenneth feinstein

the media now becomes an environment from window to spaces (metaphor) Meaning has been derived from the metaphysical remove. This meaning is OTHER TO US allowing us to pass judgement.

The meaning of this otherness has changed over time.

Otherness & being with

-Levinas ontology places within a context -Flusser sees our relationship to the apperatus as one of play (interaction with the devices and others …)

media art and a drive towards the experiential

Post Box Cinema … why? the post box is the symbol of modern nation-state is is symbol of modernism

a creation of the modern nation

the video image is a reference to German Romantic painting it speaks of landscape as nostalgia for a false past the combination speaks of an idealogy of the financial sector as the new aristocracy

people relate to it because of the familiarity they want to use it as an post box

… as Being-with object


natural perspective for computer graphics

a real time engine for the more comfortable perspective: demonstration. (unity)