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About me

My art, images and music generator experiments.

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Circulum Vitae

*  born 1965 in Oldenburg, Germany
   1979 first programming experiences
   1981 with 16 first own art exhibition
   1984 finished Gymnasium (high school)
   1984 to 1989 studied architecture at the TU Braunschweig
   1989 to 1995 studied Art at the HBK Braunschweig
   meanwhile some more exhibition
   more programs for art, 3d, gaming
   1998 to 2000 working for the Siemens ICE3 project
   2000 till now working as a game developer, artist and writer for several game companies
I’m still around and living

generated konkrete self portrait
Random Self Portrait
This picture is generated by an semantic program sorting random numbers
Acrylic paint on a shaped MDF 1993

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