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CAS 2023-06-01 Image AI


“Mitigating the risk of extinction from ai should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

From the Centre Of AI Safety 2014 superintelligence book

AI eliminates humans (from production?) and makes them more (social) isolated

JOY as the joy of ai people like to use them

generative & ai art are not the same gen sequences and iteration ai regenerate of common “Memes” aka general purpose

Tylor Hobbs - gen art not ai Harold Cohen ai but special purpose expert system with turtle robot and plotters

A/Eda robot artist gave a speech

stable diffusion comes to PS

mainstream image “generators” presentation graphics overproduction of images how to choose in a flood of choices

separation of mainstream ai from the gallery system

<-> found art



a short history from 2015 to 2023

cogx 2018 neurl creativity workshop

recreation is not creation no new contribution but nostalgia ai

the gan - … but again common with glitches

scott eaton mario klingemann

ivona tau -> machine forgetting …

entangled others 2021/22

Jakes Elwes Ben Snell project dio

roman lipski photograph - painting - trained ai - iterate - different versions from that working physical still aka counter hacking

helena sarin

anna ridler highlights the human work which goes into the ai work displays the dataset along side the ai works

DALL-E, CLIP Botto : Mario Klingemann

Vadim Epstein Maneki Neko name dropping for research Ganbrood Varvara & Mar Jason Allen (Kitsch) by Midjourney

Boris Eldagsen

Jake Elwes -> the great loop txt to img(vid) to txt from img and back again conceptual strong

Anna Ridler

ART: what is the message of the art, how people do relate, interact

tulips made in the Netherlands - kind of nature is still involved for her. Scale of data - 10000 photographs. (Dutch history - and art history -and economic history)

Stillifes and Tulipmania

marc webster


emotional analyses as dataset to draw abstract works ai language processing, understanding sentiment, emotional, score 5 basic emotions. fear, joy, sadness, .disgust, anger textual analyses, combine with facial recognition (emo, too)

sentiment graph, based on paul ekman labelling text with emotion (that’s what I have done with twitter, too)

how emotions are made the secret life of the brain (Lisa Feldman Barrett)

emotions are not reactions to the world. rather, they are constructions.

Emotions are a body experience, not a main brain thing.

Drone Machine (sound piece) a custom made synthesizer driven by the emo datasets

The data did not compute that way - hyertype initial sketches - looks like a squared DADAset

Try and find the right balance for colour and structure coherence in the work is the main problem as an generative artists (working with AI / data / … ?)

Patrick Lichty, Winona State University, creative digital media

confuse ai (aka Midjourney) jam translators into creating abstract work …

architectural space flattened narratives of absences expanded into notions of empty photo studio simulated formal ai tries to fill space with signifiers - challenge is: keep the space open instead

framework : curation, concept, form, theory (top, left,bottom, right)

Duchamp and the [boit en lise?]

given the speed of ai develops

time to deploy an exhibit deploy the catalogue first let the museum show emerge from this catalog en valise

Posthuman Studio / AI Experiments Cypherpunk Media Culture Series

‘Artificium 334-J452’ Midjourney V4 - descriptions by ChatGTP(3?)

synthetic lens

imagined artists of diversity, ethnic, culture aka an alien sound artist or so Persian painter obsessed with colour Yellow specific

meta narrative through the conceptual space time speed development

q and a

the general art-viewer does not that high degree of literacy

consider, the artworld is an multiverse

with new tech there might dev new understanding (there had so much been lost though)

some of the works do not get general attention because they stick in their community like Midjourney, with their own contests etc.

Materialization of ai works as templates, counter hacking and working hybrid