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Scratches, Scrapes, Strokes And Strikes

about the animation process

A single scratch/strike is build of a common brushstroke combined with an oil-filter layer. One layer final result stills after 100 strokes.

lieschen mueller     © 2020 January

Four layers final result stills for the animation “400 Scratches”. In between the layers on of following globel composition operation is performed: ‘multiply’,’division’,’addition’, ‘lighter’ or ‘darker’. The sound/music is generrated of common environment samples.

lieschen mueller     © 2020 February
~17min video of a 400 scratches run

lieschen mueller     © 2020 February
“100 layers, 100 ops, 100 scratches”, yet 100 is just the maximum for each possibility, 1 is the minimum. This animation may result in one layer with one scratch visible. left: an eight layers aninimation final still
fourteen layers final screen on the right

the canvas media

images and movies

combining visual computer and canvas media

sketchbook ?

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