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Generators for a Bot off the Virtual Reality

Currently I am developing art(istic) bots. They post freshly drawn digital
images to a twitter timeline. A bot is meant for social interaction. It might
draw attention to a topic, call for an action like visiting a webpage, make you
repost or answer etc. They can scan timelines in different social medias. Social
networks, chat systems, collaborative networks. A bot is a scanner and poster
interface. Think of an mirror. Generators are the creative part. They do consume
and produce data. Aggregate, compare, use and change rules, create an output.

The feed back loop and the loop back feed.

Virtual reality creates a space to interact with and in.

The complete Index of all Generators, beyond a small list with more explanations.

Architecture and architect.unit creates a floor plan and a side view. It uses the squareOut algorithm. architect.unit

A bar-images do show horizontal or vertical fad lines in a overlay with horizontal or vertical fad lines. It is an irregular shaped image. Agnes Martin’s pictures are the initial idea giver.

barimage square barimage triangle

The SquareIn images show squares in squares. The second version of this image type demands the next square to be placed into the prior one. Josef Albers was the inspiration.

square in square in version 2

The SquareOut images ads squares to the edges of the prior square. It is irregular shaped image. No example.

The basic shape of the grid and gutter image is a square showing a grid on a colour field. Several squares are layered over each other. The grids do have different colours and line widths. Looks a little bit like it would be an Jeremy Moon or a Mark Bradford image. Bars and Stripes
draws images similar to Mary Heilmann or Imi Knoebel. It is similar to the grid generator. A kind of mix between grid and bar-images.
bars and stripes grid and gutter image
circles of may
a frame base outside in algorithm.
dripping drops
the cicles are used as a framing boundary for a bezier curve pattern.
cicles of may dripping drops

bezier pattern and multi bezier pattern animation - generated of a set of colours.
3-6 colours per square. The colours are wandering from square to square.
animation screenshot
screenshot sequence from above animation

birds semantic generator and very old pseudo figurative image generators (1986 - 1994)

I need a generator for rooms … a construction and destruction one.
I need an advanced timeline generator.

The video generator of VRGbot1. Pattern based - kind of knowledge base. Pattern rules for the rhythm, music.
the Gustav Metzger tweetbot
vrgbot1 overview  

The Lohse generator generates a R.P.Lohse like image as it can be seen in Insight out and Outside in

3x3 4square + 1 circle generator emulates the plan of box-images.
You can find those on the Boxing-Un-Boxing page.

The first instalment of the random twitter-room generator. There will be more instalments in the future.
Two webpages - the timeline vortex and the twitter room itself with a random video texture, random placement
of all textures and music according to the given tweet of a user’s request tweet.

Arabian Eights animation generator.

Bubbled Squares rounded shape based on a set of rectangles   May 2018
a preview test bubbled squares no0 bubbled squares no1
bubbled squares no2 bubbled squares no3 bubbled squares test image

Jazzy amoebic splash bubbles animation generator. video

Animated Splash bubbles rounded shape based on a set of squares   June 2018
start of an animation sequence start of an animation sequence  
start of an animation sequence start of an animation sequence  

Mecican Pyramids for Vera Molnar are a set of generators inspired by an image generator of Vera Molnar and drawings of Josef Albers. I’m using the prints as material for a workgroup of Boxing-Un-Boxing.

generator after Vera Molnar's one January .. June 2018 the June Egyptian pyramid version

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