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the Gustav Metzger tweet bot was originally a tweet based slide show generator.

the tweet is used as an number generator. numbers.push( tweet.charCodeAt(i) ); call the function nextNumber() will return an UTF-16 based char code number, anything between 0 and 1114111

the graphic composition preforms: paint a geometrical figure on 2 squares, colour and figure chosen by nextNumber()%colors.length|figures.length rotate one of the squares, chosen by nextNumber()%2 rotation = 90 * nextNumber()%3

step one to the left|right, redo the paint operation from above, until operations reaches length of tweet|numbers array

the sound will be generated by the numbers values to be specified

the length & chars of the name will return the basic setting

the profile images avatar and background will generate two palettes of colours. may be decomposed as initial textures.

twit(ter) bot with nodejs for the

load config

init other requires:
twit,(the twit bot api)
fs (of cause),
mysql2 (preferred) or mysqljs/mysql

get a tweet
look if the since_id is new (DB)
only one tweet per run

cronjob every 15 minutes
max execution time is/shall be 5 minutes
text, user(name, screen_name, profile_picture and profile_header_banner) shout be a relevant search result not the user or home timelines

TWIT.get('search/tweets', { q: '@_VR_gallery', count: 10});//if since_id is
TWIT.get('search/tweets', { q: '@_VR_gallery', since_id: 1123450}); //if
since_id is stored in db

generate numbers from text generate numbers array from

load profile_picture and profile_header_banner
generate palette by profile_picture
generate palette by profile_header_banner

generate images by numbers - save them

generate the sound by numbers - save wav
beautify the sound generation a bit TODO
@see rhythm.js

generate the video without audio
generate the video + wav-audio

An example of a single slide

last step missing
post the video-cutsecene tweet as an rt/@user #vr[/room]
safe the references to the video.mp4/wav/preview-image + the tweet text and user name data
this data will be used by the room.php to configure the presentation room.

May 2017 still of an generated room - the ‘image’-textures are videos with sound
tweet pong bot 2017 has some social channels on Twitter and Slack. You are invited to parcitipate.

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