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model, modular, technique

3 times 3 of 4 squares

Three times three made of four squares are 16 small paper works. It is also one generator with a circle.

Lieschen Mueller      
3x3 2boxes     2018

3x3 2square + 1 circle

The boxing challenge to think infinitely

Finding/defining the infinite state (Michelangelo Buonarroti)

The three stages of …?

The infinite state in art and programming

A finished artwork may stay in an unfished work state, though it is final.   
The final state of a soft/hardware is always unfinished, otherwise it is    
Lieschen Mueller    
2uOpopBox cubeBox 2 cubeBox 1

Maquettes of leaving boxes

Lieschen Mueller      
Maquettes of leaving boxes both on the left: night both on the right: day 2018 Feb
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