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Twelve K-N8s

The Algorithm

“Connections By The Rules Of Twelve” (squares/k-nights).
The series follow a recipe.
12 squares each aproxiemetly 3.5 x 3.5 cm in a raster of 3 x 4, makes 20 possible edge points to choose the 8 points of a cube. That’s 12 lines, composed as you wish. A possible blob figure or an emphasis of a square can be added, too.


Postcards do have the dimension of 10.5cm width and 14.5cm height plus maybe some millimeters more.
Postcards are a good launch for an ongoing conversation.

Lieschen Mueller
© 2020

The series’ tile is “Connections By The Rules Of Twelve” (squares/k-nights)
First row (left to right):
“Construction By The Rules Of Twelve No.1”, “Pink Red Yellow Blue Square”, “Two Cubes Morphing Over N8”, “Construction By The Rules Of Twelve No.4”
Second row:
“A Perspective For Evenings”, “On The Sunset’s Golden Square”, “Over N8”, “Crucifixion Of The Square”
Third row:
“Byzantinica”, “Soft Space For A Hard Bubble”, “Cellspace Freeware”, “Priest And Superstar”
last row: “In The Waterhouse Bacons For Philosophers’ No.1-3, little seconds series of the series “Connections By The Rules Of Twelve”


Painted, glued postcard-boxes composition with a base element idea of 12 boxes in a raster of 3 x 4.

2x3 Raster

59 figures

2x3 Raster Coloured Frames

Acrylic coloured marquettes made out of thin craftpaper.

*Lieschen Mueller
© 2020 *

The rule applied is “connection over two”. The rule means that the frames are only connected by sides of a 1x2 or 2x1 grid diagonal.


I am more driven by the absurdity of live than inspiration by other artist. My idea is constructive composition with meaning(less) elements. It is not surrealism, but yet dada, so or so, or if you like it:

surrealismthe surreality as in the morphing meaning of sure reality. The vanishing, permanent illusion of taking our own private (latin for the greek word idiotic) mental spheres for granted, which is apol(l)ogetic, an exclusive concept of non aproveable (dis)belief, like in “leave me allown”. The figure is a rocket, that breaks away at the start.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban, Kt PC QC, also known as Lord Verulam, was an English philosopher and statesman who served as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England. His works are credited with developing the scientific method and remained influential through the scientific revolution.

Porträt von Sir Francis Bacon. Frans Pourbus (1617), Łazienki-Palast Warschau

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