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(The Artwork) In the Age of (Its) Digital Production

Some prerequisites:

Nature is not reality
the whole outside and inside world aka universe including all possible and
impossible, known and UNKNOWN, of all time, pasts, present, futures
the meta description a single person is building up in this persons brain based
on the persons knowledge, perception, feelings, basically PRESENT only
the common sense of what nature shall be, a social convention

realisation - a word with double meaning

concrete - that grey mud one use to build houses, an artificial stone
konkrete - not abstract - a natural shape of idea, the idea of shape. Dot, line,

area, transcendent
abstract - any shape made after the (idea of) nature, trans-formed,-fered,-fused

nature <-> reality <-> abstract <-> konkrete

Walter Benjamin: “Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit”
“(The) art(work) in the Age of Its Technical Reproduce-ability”
Arnold Hauser: “Sozialgeschichte der Kunst und Literatur”

The digital art

which is not work, because it is produced by an automated process.
Art is usually a reflection of nature. It is a meta reality. A reality based on

the dialectic “conflict”, the communication between and about nature and reality.

The digital production

The digital chain of production

The code of a generator

Usually the code of a generator is produced by an human being1, but the
human can be replaced by an code generator, which produces the code.
Once a cron-job or any other kind of digital automatism is implemented,
code can be generated without any human input. Probably some parameters
may questioned by an chat conversation bot that will be used to setup
the build of an art generator.

An input chain can be
[loop]human <-> a chat bot || or random
-> code generator
-> art generator code
-> build and start of the art process, production cycle.[loop]

The production cycle

Here the example is an image generator.
LOOP or Trigger -> generation of an image -> publish:
- on a webpage
- to a database and/or a file system
- to a virtual space
- to a social network
- [to a production service, for a physical copy]
-> (human?) interaction on the webpage, in the virtual space or the social network
triggers an order -> to a production service, for a physical copy2
-> code generator generates a new image ->LOOP

Does this digital economic-logical system need human beings anymore?

1 We might call this human being “the artist” as the human works on purpose
and hopefully with an intention to create a piece of art such. »back
2 the physical copy can be done by any robot a device that does produce something automatically. Like an printer, 3d-printer, a robot-arm, plotter, a loom . the first programmable machine. Human interaction might be required, but actually not necessary. Mostly human just do gofer tool jobs. »back

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