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Half-Cube Boxes

the plans

half-cube half circle half-cube half circle half-cube half circle
half-cube half circle half-cube half circle half-cube half circle
half-cube half circle half-cube half circle lieschen mueller: ©: July 2023
a base plans for half-cube
with half-circle open borders

There are only two types of shapes: the true one and the false one, or “ start with the inner circle and the end with the outer one” versus the other way around. An over the edge half-cube is build out of three of these shapes with the straight borders of the shapes connected to each other.

Each shape is build out of two half-circles and two straight lines. This imitates natural forms, even more the assembly of the three shapes over the edge, though this construction still reminds to its technical origin.

In combination with more half-cubes, the composition of shapes gather a natural vegetative appearance. Quite inherently a representation of the conflict of the nature and the technical world, these are the perfect virtual garden elements for any park or garden and especially the virtue of no-parking zones.

the VR build

The A/V-R build is part of an HTML based “social network” page of some how related and connected image, which includes the participatory interaction of the observers, audience, users with the image and the other users.

Your own VR/image-gallery with the option to switch to AR.

model build


social connectivity

Usage of light and esp32 computers to connect via WIFI/LAN and BLE (Bluetooth). The technology stack in an build in obsolescence, because it may not be supported once in the future. It might be replaced or emulated, though.

// code goes here for the esp32 server and BLE connector

// code example for a striped down version of the
// server counterpart

poetic destruction

ausMERZen of(f) the social context. Pseudo trolling as a handy moderation strategy.

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