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Break In The Frame

a permanent prototype for a social interactive artwork

title explanation

“Break In The Frame” not break into the frame because that would pun wise mean break in 2 frames and does not allow the double meaning of breaking the frame

early works

lieschen mueller early works © 1990 - 1995
mobile frames broken frames turn around frame images

the frame problem

a frame is the protection of the canvas/board/table-image is constructive invisible, hidden part of an canvas based image protection between inside outside realities but sometimes the inverse as an additional layer of the story Howard Hodgins, Pre-Raphaelites,Edward Burne-Jones (the golden stairs/woman stepping down the stairs) → Duchamp, Dada

square R.P.Lohse representation of the person, grid model of, for the good society we all put people into boxes, categories

who framed Roger Rabbit? we are all framed by stereotypes, the prejudice of categories. mono - one, stereo - solid ![[]]

we need a break


Android radio with light

early tests the square frame images where generated by the binary data of user input, “random” mouse movements or a text input line QR-codes and image recognition

lieschen mueller   © 2014
square frame composition random squares by user input break in the frame logo

the test artwork

a dual interactive canvas the two canvas between each other reaction on rotation by user sound and light reactions BLE / WIFI user log into canvas

lieschen mueller © 2015
A History Of Two  

cheap phones

utilising cheap phones because they were and are still future complete demands android programming

switch to the ESP32

programming with JavaScript (webservices) and simple C cheaper tailored solution the image as IOT service

breaking the box

boxing-un-boxing breaking the box half cubes

lieschen mueller   Maquettes of leaving boxes © 2015

working with twitter and VR

replacing the social stack

replacing the social stack with my own solution prompt

start your own collection


reality and virtuality

the physical world and the technological world of the internet possible obsolescence of the technology, hard- and software keep a part of the art valid, low tech nature vs de-human-izing start your own collection kickstarter page