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Developing the V-R.Gallery

Investigating galleries, their layout, grapping floorplans and studing the exhibition
concepts of those galleries.

An incomplete list of visited galleries:

and others

Reading the book ‘Art as a Social Context’ from Steven Willats

Using a generator for labyrinths aka a simple 9 times 9 maze to layout a two
floor gallery in a landscape box aka garden. Concept for virtual gardening. The
gallery is filled with the latest tweets from my account.

lieschen mueller 2017
frist draft for Twitter Maze VR
lieschen mueller 2017
very early stage of ‘vrgbot 0’ VR gallery

The maze is build of 3 times 3 3 times 3 blocks, all together 9 columns and 9 rows

or 81 tiles in a square. has some social channels on Twitter and Slack. You are invited to parcitipate.


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