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Virtual Gardens

Some generators and editors:

The rules for the center square generators:

  • two open paths aka frames
  • each path has to have one edge in the center square
  • the frames are allowed to cross one or more times
  • paths are not allowed the share a whole border though
  • the frames must enclose an area inside the center square with
    each other

The blueprints 5x5

The final generated images 5x5

4 Times 4 Virtual Gardens

One places 2 open/broken frames in a 4 times 4 grid.
The frames are also named paths. An open path shows
two or three borders but not all or only one.
Those paths have to enclose at least one open tile,
which means it is part of both enclosed rectangles and it is
not part of any frame. The paths are allowed to cross,
but they do not share larger parts of the frames. The
crossing tile has no neighbour tile that is part of the own
frame and the other one.

One can see those combination-, constructs-, composition-
images as layout or top view of a garden.

Gardening is the most friendly way how humans interact with,
realize landscape. Leaving nature alone is more friendly though,
but not interactive. We do not participate.
If it is virtually it is as humans would almost interact with the garden’s
nature. It is an even more friendly way to participate on the landscape,
without applying any harm. Gardening though might heal natures
self harm.

Virtual Garden Hedges

These images a ment to be used in AR and VR.

generated image vrgarden 0


images, video, generator July/August 2018 by lieschen mueller  

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