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frieze art and architecture summit 2019

what else art can be?

Theaster Gates In Conversation

southern chicago land use changes - from industrial to community ‘from a hourse mouth’ like form (ex) churches to open (art) space notion of abstract space - spaces yet to be build or interventions into concrete/konkret spaces abstract space to be sung

space in it’s imaginary -> downton abby

what changes the state of a building from abondent to not be abondent care for, revoke by a care taker a very social intervention from ‘The Crack House’ to ‘the listing place’ adjusted by naming

landart (Marfa as an artistic intervention) to urban-land-art give Marfa a name beyond itself durational relationship with space and the objects in space

donald judd…

vacant, open, defined, space, empty a space fully declined to it’s end so everything is told which could have been told about this space is an space to be abondent

how the hell do you architecturalize joy?

Virtual Worlds: Design Beyond The Physical, presented by RIBA

Jakob Kudsk Steensen (Kensington Gardens, Serpentine Galleries) Lara Lesmes, Fredik Hellberg - Space Popular moderate Daniel Birnbaum

architecture and media releation ship virtual gates and portals architecture is a form of media (visual pattern, tapestiry -> wall-carpets -> weaving tech nad knotes)

my idea - all three males wear glasses, they are handicaped persons, we all need glases or contatct lenses to see AR/vR augmented wise we are all handicaped persons virtually

on style and architecture

jks works with teams of writers musicans, biologist, natural history archieves visualizes bird song i 3d water figure. The is no synaesthetic correspondences all though claimed.

New Spaces

Architects present some of the most interesting and innovative international museum projects.

Chasper Schmidlin & Lukas Voellmy (Schmidlin Architekten & Luvo Architekten, Zurich) – Muzeum Susch, Switzerland Francesca Torzo – Z33 Kunstencentrum, Hasselt, Belgium Tom Emerson (6a Architects, London) – MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

short presentations a lot of prictures milton keynes and the relation to stowe from the social idealogy to the (urban) landscape planing (the haha)

Panel Discussion: Insta-tutions? How Social Media Is Changing Exhibition Design

How are traditional arts institutions responding to the phenomenon of Instagram museums? How much does the selfie influence what artworks are installed and in which kinds of space? Does this democratize the art-viewing experience or do we see more but look less?

Anthea Hamilton (artist, London) Sam Jacob (architect, London) Ralph Rugoff (curator, Venice Biennale 2019) Moderated by Orit Gat, critic

(Art) Institutions are instruments of how we are looking. Centralized […] information <- ? (re)source of(f)

the want to be seen, being (t)here, … the representative image /imaginary but a different form immersion in the galleries presenting the art (is it because of the social media?)

the phone is not a replacement for the space it is a frame experience of the space there lies some artistic practise in this

extending public accessibility and limiting by minifying it

mirror effect of instagram (the out of body effect)

Performing Architecture: Elizabeth Diller discusses The Shed

A telescoping shell that can expand and contract to create standing, seating or open space for an infinite variety of uses, The Shed is a responsive, future-proofed setting for live performance and time-based artworks. Elizabeth Diller discusses the challenges and possibilities of this unique structure with Catherine Wood (curator, international art, performance, Tate Modern).

ny 1200 cultural institutions. why one more?

arts under one rrof flexible but not geneneric (as ment for comtemporary art which is always is drifting and means something else) scalable in-out-door

city, design, institution, programming, …

flexibility of architectur is basically flexible thinking. One can achive flexibility by the inner or the outer organization, yet, people prefer to think the outer form, instead the inner one or the organistaion.

a vital developing program is the key

What Will the Future Be Made Of? Tomás Saraceno in Conversation

An environmental talk and a lot of wind. The social effects of travel.

between nature and architecture

sou fujimoto architects

a very fundamental titel from hokaido grown up to tokyo urben artifacts environement conceptual question of insides and outsides.

serpentine pavillion is a multiuse venue cafe for the everyday first side, but also dancing hall, cinema, auditorium, flexible use.

artifical partial geometry structure one large open space of tiny spaces more like a tree. Very light

find the hidden potentials of your ideas.

open grid:

repetition of the grid - fascination of the very normal, fundamental, simple

interactive relationship of order and chaos - balance and transparency.

highrise protect from sunlight grids are sticking out, trees and bushes on terraces cloud tower phillipines grid support for freely use those frames.

Toilet in the Nature a public structure in use, though inside highly private how to open and how to close in the same time.

Seperating the visual funtion of the wall, hide, and the protection against the air, though visual open to the garden. this toilet needs by the way a toilet, because of the public (ab)use -> instagram.

A box in a box in a box .. inside and outside confusion.

open choices for the people buildings more like clothes.

life is more complex than just the beds and dining tables.

curiosity and espectations can start the movement.

One Tousend Trees

Paris always brings something new into the established to keep the continuty.

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