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Frieze Academy

Art & Architecture Conference

transforming architecture projects for art

centre pompidou

Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano

zipup house(s)

from the social end piazza a big horizontal (public?) space

6 floors aka piazzas of the size of two 2football fields each no mainentrance a open public space

how to currate the open space which every curator wants, without columns, but hardly knows how to handle

art building as social catalysts - game changers? gentrification?

Andrea Zittel

A-Z East Project, NY Personal presentation room performance - happening . do it like, perform a task, not for audience rooms without designated functions

personal art and life integrated living units - kind of expendal moveable architectur, that you can put into other architecture

rules, protocol, parameters as social bounderies, architecture.

wagon stations encampment minimal size - maximized compford minimal living … minimal housing how much we atually need? Less is enough. Less is more . First an aesthetic concept - now value system of none fetishism of posession

expermental living cabins. Institute of Investigative Living

from small growing big internet aloowing it because you have an audience but also growing to big (to fast?) ends in being disable

it’s fun to build systems that really work (( the question of open frames - le corbousie - citrone houses - and filled frames - overfulfillment and reconstruction - reframing )) models of productions economic model of sustainability selfsufishened models

Ellen van Lou


mutant stage 3 2 floors (one lage one small each stage) tention in spacecial expierence low and high floors/ceilings

roofs of paris …

Foudation Prada

gold building works like the gold wall, no wonder use of mirrors the face of the audience is also the face of the performers use old buildings - show what we added

The Factory


old brick buildings and just shet privately owned river

fixed and flexible theater and warehouse aka performance box size of a jumbo jet.

A building as a performance?! get connect to the surounding context “we mke art to fit into society” “as public as possible anyone can enter it at anytime”

Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Structures of power

affordable houses

why todays housing won’t work for tommorows needs. The way we work changes (freelance) this changes the interpretation of ownership an ecconomic questions work shifts, living, mobility hotels (airbnb) expensive, friends hassel, rent inflexbile contracts

share ecconomic - blockchain tech etc. - […] citizenship beyond borders

housing as a service? Performance housing? see it as a physical social network…(has always been at anytime)

cloud towns/cities/… cloud housing - (( sky cities - zilkowsky and russion revolution ))

the idea of disruption - the critical distance in/of art (un)link society

seeds implementation in conflict

engeneering vs archicture? not an conflict. Eifel … Paris social archicture - non productive work? Is a challange

trump or how we survive earthquake and tsumanies?

Working with galleries and curators

balance, between the object, their observer and the space. artist and curators.

Simplicity - artist as clients. Clean lean rooms.

Working on temporary spaces. Build in 6 Week and demolished in a day.

experimentation and materiality

retail is good place to do this

Kettle’s yard continious between renewer, new and old

St Ives(Patrick Heron, Babara Hepworth, R.Nicholson, Naum Gabo)

the structure of gallerie should be adaptive, flexible. Outside inside conversation - tate and town, as the tate is far the largest building in the city.

National Portrait Gallery - it is about people.

International culture, Japan and national identity

International culture, Japan and national identity - japanize any external influence US (LA) as an international open space - nationalism. Clearity food, constain of thought - unlike thai food which is social mixture of different flavours like sweet and sauer. Every brings something. Heritage and culture

how museums graw - like a toad they just take one breath of air after another and try to pump up themself as big as posiible like a frankenstein cereature - start with one hand wing or body and grow over time by another sponser and another foiundation, each bring their own architect. Why not like a accupuncture? With one vision of clearity?

Shigeru Ban

Works and Humanitarian Activities

Where is the giraffe?

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