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Coloured Plates

from the sketchbook

Lieschen Mueller ©2023 pages from the sketchbook

stacking irregular shapes

Cutting cardboard or MDF plates into irregular quadrangles.

The possible convex quadrangles are Quadrilaterals, Trapezium, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square, Kite. I am using any convex one which is not of the 6 regular shapes. Still the most ones do have one 90°degree angle because of the cutting process.

Each quad has two long sides and two shorter head ones.
Quads can be connected head to head, side by side, head on side.

The resulting figures.

painting into the space and time

Lieschen Mueller ©2023 marquette
acrylic colours on cardboard
cardboard stack

improvisation and composition
following the lines, connections and edges versus free contradiction
dense heavy versus fluid colours, spraying, washes

Keep in mind every view has a backside, which might look totally different. Like a mountain is seen mostly from one side because we usually do not fly. Every top has a bottom, and sides, too.

computer experiments and generators

painting 2d quadrangles

lieschen mueller © May-June 2023 first variation
    second variation


the digital aftermath

Quadrangle stacks - uses tweetrandom, and a variation of a formal-informal brush stroke generator.

lieschen mueller ©April 2024 Quadrangle stack
version 0
  interface of the generator
save and regenerate

references to other art works

schijld(eren) and advertisements, billboards, neon and traffic signs
augmented reality vs AI → augmented intelligence ← there is loop, vicious cycle

my works

knee high tights
Counter Hacking

other artist

Slaughtered Ox also: Flayed Ox
Carcass/Side of Beef
oil on wood panel
1655 by Rembrandt
Louvre in Paris since 1857

Rembrandt van Rijn and the Netherlands’ artists of the 17th century
Hans Hofmann → Frank Stella → the schijld, sign, plate in space
Hans Hartung, Hans Hofmann, Lee Krassner → (in)formal aspects

Coloured Frames The Zim Zum Mobiles Formal-In-Formal