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Knee High Tights translations from German


The picture is generally known as a
rectangular object . It is
often surrounded with a valuable frame and it’s
not uncommon for it to hang on a wall ;
Far less often the picture has no
frame, a different shape or it
isn’t hanging on the wall . In such cases,
it stands on a shelf or it’s painted directly
on the wall.


Monochrome pictures are
an everyday part of our
lives. The most whitespread
is the white mural. It is
the wall itself . Obviously,
we first have to paint the wall as
a wall on the wall in order
to become aware of the function
of the wall . The wall is
a primed canvas , a
projection screen . Projection
screens, surfaces , are with
good grace tossed with stains.
Pictures are created.


Popular pictures are large
flowered arabesque still life
of flowers, also known as wall-
paper, or fully plastic, old
German oak-timber-wall-unit-
systems. Walnut shelfs are
also welcome , which contain
one or two books . These houses
small framed relatives , vacation
photos. Though mahogany
panelling is popular, but
usually imitated.


The framed alternative prefers
to show individual persons in front
of a memorable landscape or with
disfigured facial features in
a room ; with walls .
The most popular are naked people,
members of the human
and the female gender.
All others are animals.


It is widespread that such
creatures wear knee high
pantyhose on the usual
and appropriate occasions,
especially , if the
tights are not yet fully
dressed or have been undressed


It is very informative
to pull stockings over
picture frames.


Tights’ fashion apparently
seems to require that
those are either black or
skin-coloured. Other
yarn colours are less
common . By the way,
stockings are tubular
shaped images.


If someone puts a pair of tights
on a picture frame and paints those
with nice little squares, the one
would probably be called a weirdo,
or a painter.


The painters in the Flemish
countries are called
“schilders”. “schilderij” is the
Dutch name for the picture. No
wonder that the citizens of
Schilda can be found in
picture books. A picture
is created, loaded with
difficulties to hang such
a picture. One can either
place it on a horizontal surface,
one may think of a certain business,
or the picture is attached like
a shield on the wall.


It is all I need:
The SQUARE, the circle, the
line, the plane, the fourth
             Paul Valery, 1910

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