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EVA London 2023 Wednesday

the China session

Bonnie(Han Boa)

& Jonathan P.Bowen

The public sphere and Weibo social media platform in China

1 Background to Weibo

Weibo is censored blocked with keywords movements middle class feminism digital activism in China grassroots NGO

farewell in China requires a different mindset and strategy

non-confrontational approach pop activism

research methods 45mins interviews of opinion leader and social media operator from personal acquaintance digital ethnography documents collection limitation (censorship issue)

function like twitter - microblog

public opinion field

weibo is very quick on gaining public attraction

2013 weibo, alibaba social agreement signed

wallet and fit power perspective focus on the power of the people commercial enterprise emotive public opinion field

harness public emotion

event-orientated platform debating ideas cyber public gathering users online

Huan Fan

an overview of new media art exhibits in China 17-22

before and after covid 1st western contemporary art exhibit in 1985 VR, AR sensing element, programming , screen opposite to traditional understanding like painting draw sculpture teamLab 17 in China Today Art Museum three new media art group Unzip The Future

20-22 collaborative teaching Chengdu biennale 21 1.100.000 visitors more the doubling more information on ([] immersive is coming up new museum will open this year

Gungdon University School of Art and Design

digital-, interactive-, smart- art ji yi

development of digital art in China through artworks

digital art is a trend in China vs traditional art(s) though started late, rapid development

951 digital, arts 373 from China other foreign countries origin

… black hole here END OF THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION 1980 embryonic state 1990 progress Beijing Asian Games Exhibit 2000 diversity 2010 cultivated subcategories

lag of foreign arts in collections of China lag of innovation

representative artworks for art in China relation to gaming culture

digital art - loss of works is a problem as some are short lived rush for always the newest

ai nüshu (women scripts)

video of new project - ai trained to understand an ancient language music & performance

multiscreen museum VR

VR came popular during the COVID pandemic museums show their collection / exhibitions in VR /AR

only two and

confinement of 2d multiscreen VR for museum archives

interaction with archived content with virtual space system searching

museum information and webpage after hour users

screen in screen and multiuser screens

user experience basic data retrieval immersive multi screen integrated design in metaverse museum

symbiotic hands

VR physical interaction system real world data sensor like temperature example allows to react on summer winter spring autumn - weather in general

binds to the location / person web XR

environmental change / experience adapted

Mick Grierson

Keynote UAL CCI Machine learning and creative AI

domain knowledge STEM creative inject noise to avoid the average

ai video compressor network bending

didactic linear structures for information

draw on the back of a napkin

a lot of about delivering learning to the public

Musiccomp 1958 Hiller and Isaacson David Cope (1981) Robert Rowe(1992) thesis

take an audio signal LSTM, sequences of amplitudes

spectral representation MAGnet

Environmental Interfaces

Anna Shvets

Volumetric Music Composition in a VR-Context

Content, Omega, Atmos, Validation,

content social demand festivals genre definition non-linear space

omega project - inspired by the omega nebular colours similar to the scientific colours of the Hubble telescope

atmos linear space exploration modes of movements music structure A-B-AB circular and cross movements

validation concept through user test

Marco Innocenti

Symbiosis Asynchrony

bee futures x eden project a museum installation about bees and trees facing the todays environmental challenges

there is a huge mismatch currently in their interaction because of climate change the concept technology and art = innovation near infra red light treatment - distress the bees led glow light - growth control of flowers in greenhouse conditions help with sessional changes

bees interact via humming with the lights of the flowers

solved the problem on an artistic demo level immersivity & interaction

Adrian Chutarsing

latent organism: a tangible interface

Lygia Clark Mika Satomi - wearable neural network

sit-able pressure sensor interface combined with keyboard prompt blend-shape and prompts updating process data creates 3d meshes and colouring text to mesh “Dreamfields” model

the prior mesh is the seed for the next A continuous shape development

Sophie Dixon

crafting virtual spaces with ai LUX IN TENEBRIS Light in Darkness Deutsches Museum für Technik

J Keppler harmonies of the worlds

creating ideas for the space model and textures based on the museums picture collection

Kopernicus model drawing of the solar system and the ceiling of the pantheon matches perfectly

starting point the museums digital collection unreal engine

look up FIAT LUX

André Rangel

i2ADS at FBAUP Portugal Rechteck-Fyrkant

creative vision and randomness

Galanter (2003) any system where an artist uses an algorithm

(in)determinism in = non & in (“in”side movement)

perceptual object Synchronism ear/eye asynchronism ear vs eye thunder lightning

human being light blub

sail 2019 sync light and sound precisely synchronic asail 2019 async constructed variations of delay between sound and light

rechteck-fyrkant shows a square with light sounds stripes down to points in different colours with different sound instruments applied


European research area chair on digital cultural heritage

create knowledge in cultural heritage

look this up … to much to fast.

(link to the page here)[]

an almost “complete” taxonomy

bits before bits

racelar ro, xiaolong zhang, sarah vollmer, sharon zhang

and a lot of other members

asynchronous signal transmutation

echo original, duplicate, virtual inspired by FOR space original physical space/event duplicate is a game/projection in a gallery virtual in game space

time zone and time less

ai philosopher and bit-translator bit.badge multi-language

cloud bucket documenting evolutions

Monika Keenan

deep dive into low tech

accessibility refers to both physical and cognitive access issues obstacles or barriers cultural participation and knowledge

meaningful participation xr refers to augmented, mixed virtual r overlays digitally information adding layers of meaning

barriers to engaging, hardware, costs, motion limitations conceptual barriers show a framed view glimpse of another time world space reality disrupted by screen window divide the now from the then/that/there

smart glasses share a common conceptual space less is more

case study Jordanhill cross the cross is broken only the shaft exists replica is outside the church is complete again designed with out a frame - remove the conceptual barrier

limitation not fully 3d static view

but highly accessible the act of getting around the installation create a communicative share space

Terry Trickett

Building less is more: a tale of two realities Video presentation, Barbican, City of London

development for sustainability - demolition of buildings starts - this is contra dictionary production and building more than 40% responsible of greenhouse gases not dystopian story but real projection of the future

create mixed used space in the existing space is an alternative smart change and restoration embedded carbon preservation instead of creating new ever growing megacities home work, near work, lower transportation costs with a lower higher cost of digital communication

sustainable future the heavy carbon footprint of construction

50/50 world digital twins virtual/physical

un real estate .

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