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EVA London 2023 Tuesday

Leah Barkley (online)


audio visual works sound images relations marine environments in Queensland environment is co-worker in the research

sound circles white symmetric triangle line on black ground and photos from the environment why always circles for sound (the I am here pattern) the triangle lines are interesting the pictures are beautiful

symbolism translation ? the environment is a influential co-author photos are source material => digital schematics

Mary-Joyce Arekion (online)

digital storytelling (DST)

Joe Lambert Berkley CA

digital natives to gamers (on social networks) all digital media novelty - new from the old IBBT living Lab research sampling,concretisation

context, concrete empathise, implementation (co-create!?) ideate/define, feedback (loop?) generates further data my question here: (is a) tool / (should be a) toy => conflict ? playfulness experience (Stephen E. Dinehart IV)[Stephen E. Dinehart] and also (Steve Ince)[Steve Ince]

focus is here online learning study <- DTS is a tool here

Susan Hezan

The Dance of the Doppelgänger

AI / cultural heritage in online communities

copyright, authenticity, ownership - bias

ChatGTP is a language model : CAN’T: understand feelings emotions physical world interaction human interaction completely original content / aka predict (the lottery) moral ethical judgements

books recommendations: You look like a thing and I love you behind the scenes there are people doing corrections

behind the prompt behind the algorithm bias in => bias out (we all know, but not aware)

it’s not math, it is processing data stop (try) making sense Math washing is destructive

ethical issues is not the field competence of engineers

in style of … Rembrandt fake images of cats and dogs playing music instruments … convincing van Meer - not really but google picked it up in’s opening a pandora’s box

Eric Zimmermann <- Wahrheit-Truth(similar, not identical concepts) – but - Wahrnehmung -> what one takes/sees/hears/identifies(with) for truth in the moment

Ken Feinstein

Voicing the Subject What makes a documentary unique? it’s experimental - direct access testimonial is central narrative direct relation to witness unfolds to using lived time in present experience

importance of the voice witness over a linear narrative expository (voice of god) close the linear history telling observational (fly on the wall) we become the witness participatory (interactive) address the subject reflexive (the essay film) performative (the director himself is an actor)

ethical issues with the subject / witness voice organize the narrative director’s voice supersede the other voices our obligation

determines, difference between the view points, giving up -> the editorial control, inherited …

how do we create a narrative - culture conflicts possible

MY Head Is My Only House Until It Rains

presents neighbourhood and the witnesses consists of images of the city, montages & interviews triple screen presentation following context images and the face of the witness randomise the order of the play back allows the voice of the witnesses to relate to each other instead of the documentary

Refugees in Lisbon

the voice of witness is/shall be the central voice of the documentary

Sean Clark and Stephen Scrivener

homeostasis artwork

rebuild an artwork 1964

s.s early work prior 1972

experimental artists - kinetic lightings participatory artworks and water dripping works

The Machine (1974) Slate

learning how to program to manipulate the systems cybernetics computational, but not a computer hand-wired hardware in the gallery view see never the background stuff (hardware) “clean” view

Task: The Machine Re-Created (2022)

now a box - not mounted into the wall blue LEDs instead of white light blubs micro controller

mobile phone to trigger and controlling the artwork instead of the original control panel also multiuser mode turned on

exhibited at The Mossman Gallery (2023) Australia

Carmen Gil Vrolijk

la quinta del lobo

(wolf’s fifth) live video trying to break the screen Escaping the Critics Pere Borrell del Caso 1884

immersive performance / no VR because this divides us


addressing climate change hybrid in America - mixed blood had been seen as socially off fantastic hybrids transformations masks

Dome meta of the world post industrial landscape

dance performance multilingual free ten shows VJ-ing technology is about poetics

Kay Watson

Serpentine Galleries head of arts technologies not a traditional curator - role more like a producer

Future Art Ecosystems

r&d platform – commissioning

future ecosystem - labs - infrastructure - digital commission

example: third world: the bottom dimension - experimental video game afro brazil queer latin american Artist Gabriel

co-lab storytelling digital sculpture by trade

started digital became an exhibition (2023) Events

Artist Worlds … and storytelling twitch conversations in different locations not showing a finished work

plays look up Bob

Hito Styerle: actual reality OS

a lot of mobile apps pre-pandemic

future art ecosystems an annual briefing the need of information about of the transformation of the landscape of the arts in the 21st century infrastructures around the artist working with digital technology art in the metaverse (the real one, not meta) pattern emerging from decentralised web participation spaces, crypto, NFT, … Legal Lab, Creative AI Lab, Synthetic Ecologies Lab, Blockchain Lab

What’s next: public ai. licencing platforms, partial common ownership,

is the serpentine a independed research organisation? no. we wish goal

Jon Maiis

Yves Klein BLUE physical and virtual representation

old works 18 reds from my teaching classroom photos showing screens showing the same defined red (not looking the same anyway) what is red?

no woman, no cry - a painting with a day and night vision (glow in the dark - but not in the Tate) IKB 79 the idea of loss - what do we loose and win in the digital process? why Yves Klein - a very specific ultra marine blue and specific binder 1956 - 1962 limited timeframe, very closed definition what this work/colour should be.

Everyone has it own idea of YK blue, christies, archives, etc. representations same blue should look like the same blue, shouldn’t it?

In gallery condition. take measurements, and than math, math, and even more math

accuracy of the colours to each other deltaE2000 learning : print 70% differs more and 10 - in the gallery less than 2 (with one exception)

Can we see this colour digitally? (reproduction) IKB falls outside the computer spectrum we can see. digital invisible images/sculptures

Lindsay Pierce

from the external world to the internal world who am i? The representation of the inner world? The outer world telling you who you are? What would the AI tell you who you are?

Computer Stuff The AI future of storytelling? consumer can not actually tell the difference anymore?

AI-Voices in commercials are already used. AI is scalable whose interests does it serve, and who bears the greatest risks?


ai is still learning and so we are we used visual methods what we experienced paper was written on tech that has already gone outdated (2022)

black beauty whiteness is the default setting for portraits of people eurocentric beauty bias in AI training data distort depiction … so ‘Asian soup’ a catchup ketchup phrase

AI’s Gaydar identity markers in ais @aigaydar to capture findings ai is a peek in society’s zeitgeist words can marginalize and stigmatize communities (Words build Worlds) programs do not share how training data is obtained and how banned term lists are decided Where do the term lists come from?

affirming images - what is normal? f.e. midjourney has changed for version v3 to v5 @L.m.pierce yt

Kirstin Carlson, Greg Corness, etc.

sounds of connection: tactile support of family … elderly residence memory support

civic engagement area with the client memory care unit where who when? different activities. Sports, art, tech, design like, or and the whole family. (Re-)connect with the family.

Permanent installation as a continuing project - not temporary workshop. Quilts which brings in their idea of music (Quilts as a (family) storytelling device) music/touch can bring back old memories.

Identity loss is a problem with lost memories.

sound objects / music tracks on touch spots / different fabrics and colours nice tactility soft buttons have to be responsive over the whole defined area and robust to the touch/squeeze

disadvantage: time to produce the pieces, get volunteers to join and stay

Nat Hardy (online)

from who the trumpist trolls the digital propaganda of Jon McNaughton

kitsch (pseudo?) realism (can’t use naturalism here) Trump “Fake New” = “Lügenpresse” Hitler

twitter, facebook, parler (now defunct), others, and his online shop and his merche he mints and coins NFTs making him rich through his propaganda

in your face aesthetics

Camila Mangueirra and Fabricio Fava

Metaimage - the image beyond visual representation

exploring self-referential expand on understanding underlying how

pictures as cultural objects reflect the process of making the social context

pictures of pictures - the metaimage reproduction? the communicative effects not all mi are self-refence attention to the qualities they present

critical reception of content

approach the emphasises only the idea increase of its complexity not technology in traditional understanding, but… contemporary it is not a cultural novelty Paul Klee, Frider Nake Homage to Paul Klee

transcoding particular ways intermedial representation metalanguage simulating other media material referential, reflects the external world quantity and attention to quality datasets objects synthetic aspects

johannes itten, v. kandinsky early lessons

metaimage as a system - software unique way of interaction - fingerprint of interaction

look the image related to the environment

Stuart Smith

creating an app for computer assisted art

the four things generative, rates, …, videos

source images computer generated source images photographs (urban and country landscapes) and own hand paintings drawings

symmetry play, distorted, recolour borrow colour pallets code math-lab app designer filters 45 geometrics 21 postprocessing 100 compositing

programming - setting up a sequence of filters 32 pre-sets a pre-set is selected by a mouse click

rejects useless images (only one colour, low contrast, etc) rating between 4-10 goes through

drag and drop programming and fill in textfields with values, checkboxes

what constitutes a good image? own criteria are often unstable

writings on Artique

Rochele Gloor

can you feel what I feel visual and audio VR experience proof concept

inherit quality of emotion mindfulness wellness using phenology has similar effects like psychedelic drugs helps to treat depression

sublime quality of minimalism, James Turrel, Richard Serra ambient music, infinite textures

sound like a physical experience audio location

The Audio AI Track

EVA international evening

current exhibition at the K&GM Hamburg and three awesome, overwhelming talks. First AI create 1956 for music composition, soon followed by one 1960 on an URAL-computer system (USSR defunct).

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