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EVA London 2023 Thursday

generative art

TULA G and Jonathan B.: Integrating Poetry And Art

André Breton 1896-1966 poet. manifesto (1924) psychic automatism beyond reality

MIRO silence a sequence of three paintings originally named poem I, II, III. dancing characters over the layers of paint

Rafik Anadol: drawing in mind with a computer

immersive exhibition / in the studio /in the artist’s mind

poetry and illustration

Francoise Gillot 1944

maladies of the heart «

Daniela de Paulis

Mare Incognito

SETI institute artist in residence

the ocean of the mind and the ocean of the cosmos loosing the cognition of the ourself fading away in the emptiness

in sleep the perceptions of the body changes/fades into ? deep sleep body awareness close to the state of dying only a sense of being alive - identity slips away

Andy Lomas

digital chemotaxis

social amoeba (cellular slime mould) model organism

Kees Weijer - Dundee periodic waves

dynamic structures, changing dynamic moving non equilibrium dynamics

attracted to the source of the waves amplify the wave signal

unruly behaviour

wave and particals

agents - millions - detail richness

Joe Crossley - Carl Hayden Smith

Egypt Sound Design

Work in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid

map the resonant HZ frequencies on archeologic sites

there might be a lot of layers of meaning - resonate the geographical position in the earth in relation to the earth not all of them can be pure random

choir of twenty people the granite in the chamber starts to develop the resonate over time rose quartz granite 1h 20m -> ultra high frequency has effects on the human body

patterns takes time to appear

what’s a sound box

the sound box is a projection device human condition HRV heart rate variability

meditation - vocal toning resonance (mediation?)



textura Bogota

art and technology events

art as an experience

international art exhibition

an overview of their work for art

open call is open

charles de palea santana#

spectrum music

The French spectral School

introduce perception into composition

liminal music playing with boundaries of our perception continuous transformation

techno-morphism asynchronous orchestra low sounds dissonance in the harmonical spectrum

modulation at the first level is played by the winds additive synthesis instrumental synthesis

hybrid between harmony and timbre

the orchestra often acts as a synthesiser

Keynote by Steve

Leichester fine art slate experimental department later PolyTech Leichester as a lecturer … design research (theory) artist, researcher, theorist

Rheinberger observes: derives from poesis: a kind of production with beyond-ness: the art of stepping away from

problem solving research: observe it critique it find build a solution make it observe it again test critique it rebuild solution or another better or abended it make it …

we do not fully understand things to use them. Devey, Perce

Rheinberger: experimental system

we are not stepping onto we step away from the ob/subject of research

do the art and sciences nourish themselves in the same way?

as we do not know the new phenomena

surprise, the new present itself as …

generate questions

concepts and phenomena comes together

epistemic things turn into tech. differential means - generating surprises out of surprises space of observation - phenomena technical objects idling - if no surprises - reproduction has to generate unprecedented events reproduction keeps on repeating, but with iterating over variations

differential reproduction

transcendence - in the end we talk of knowledge (what you we don’t know before) we get away from the established known

utility of the thing - you may not understand now belief - you establish a practice

research as a practice: talk it backwards as if you’ve known the question before the answer/result

Raheem Lawal

representing amphibian perspectives in a 3d game engine

objective litural product identy evaluation development prototype

chosen texas blind salamander lives in caves sound feedback, rumble controls this world is in darkness cursor gives a sense of underground (roughness / where / about) echo location

jairo zaldua and …

… several others.

imaginary friends in isolation

a social project based on self statements about your imaginary friend which was recreated in different media by producers image, video, music

social identity

meetings of the imaginary friends (and imaginary chats)

Margarita Galandina

preserve captured memories from the Mongols Folklore in Siberia

a heritage that is under threat she was able to learn about her heritage when she immigrated to UK with 5 Siberia is heavy colonized since the USSR

indigenous Siberian knowledge with ethnological institutes in the UK and Europe

audio interview, photography, narrative based less documentary

digitising, cataloguing the works and objects, book

finally future exhibition how the presentation effects the telling of the work even in an documentary approach

managing the tight budget

museum licencing alternative ways of executing

addressing the ethical, ethnical issues

bringing the community together


start with a short story 5 years she moved to London from the mountain country birds sing at night - why? Light pollution - artificial Christmas light are we affected by data as birds by light? Data Pollution self tracing devices and apps. It’s all over the place. Health, social, whereabouts, … We lost the tracing, the awareness

we understand ourself through the lens of capitalism efficacy who profits? battle of the mind - we struggle to claim our territory ever since the Copernic revolution, mechanical philosophy, and now transhumanism

Heidegger, .., Derrida started doubt

manifest true proportions

Duchamp 3 meters - their many ways to see One Meter - the world, destruction

counting hours minutes etc is not the way we perceive time, it is a(our) construction (social contract)

Archive of the Lost Embodied Knowledge when an African elder dies, (it is as if) a whole library is burn down Are we letting technology developments pollute human life?

Pierre Chaumont

we asked so many questions (during the conference) but we missed one:

How to be a sausage?

Syriza party and the horizontal movement aka the street dog in front of the Greek parliament

that’s why the dog participated in any protest events that was the first attempt

second attempt flowers for Theodore (the name of the dog before he become sausage) the dog died 2014 a virtual mausoleum game AR - limitations - ask a telephone where it is so use a game engine


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