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EVA London 2023

monday 23 years of the conference Bruce Wance memory

Symposium: the digital lens (what’s the digital lance though)

Terence Masson

preparing students for the new digital arts landscape chair: MFA Computer arts SVA NYC: school of visual arts

analogue vs digital tool - sometimes it is better do use the analogue solution time preserving readiness, while someone else is still figuring out the digital solution

real world augmented with the digital

people behind the pixels - the international aspect Book CG101 secret knowledge (book)

the fear has sometimes been expressed (photography) “it is cheating” - same with computer design and now ai.

prompt engineering inherit bios in the data(given data, question?) a whole other discussion

Giuliano Gaia

augmented reality in the digital arts

3d collaborative world more questions than answers beyond the hype

computer-produced superimposed on a real world object bringing life to a print - additional layer 12-13 AR backlash google glasses 15 snapchat - it was fun, ease of use - showing yourself(ish) 16 pokemon go (still played in 2023) 17 insta/meta AR filters 18 magic leap one 19 spark AR open to everyone 19 hololens 2 21 ray-ban stories - photo glass - perceptions changed - but non AR 22 magic leap 2 ( Nreal ) 23 google glass discontinued apple vision pro MX glasses

smartphones are the only reliable devices Pompeii AR guided tour glasses killer application? for example google maps, ikea app? KillAR app is fun-filters.

ar & culture

natural history museums in Tirento ART around the city MAUA ARt in my house Animated artworks Jenny Holzer - art in the gallery (AR painting on the architecture - video mapping) taking over the museum - mapping the shown collection with other art (National ART Gallery London) an app for download still working

AR is still in the infancy

Graham Diprose

The Digital Lens

Digital preservation and access

How can we send the today’s important digital images safely into the 25th century?

are we are all archivally going backwards?

silver-gelatine prints survived 150 years and will do the next 150 years. colour images negative 30-60 years but only will last the next 30 to 60 years. digital ? some already are lost forever. Sir John Herschel inventor of the fixator, coined the terms negative, positive, photography blueprints - cyanotypes hide in the dark - and the picture comes back Peter Henry Emerson - Platinum prints will last for 1000’s of years. Frederick Scott Archer collodion explosive George Eastman - Gelatine Dry Plates The Kodak (roll film) the common people can take photos cellulose nitrate 1889-1951 gummi mess explosive and self-igniting safety film 1910 invented becoming the normal in the 1950ties

cellulose acetate films don’t expose to heat - vinegar syndrome - gets crumbled - may have a life of 50 years. the Wilhelm institute

from the journey into the past into the present: 1937 black and white 1997 panoramic colour film 2007 digital camera

what will be around in 100 years? digital was printed to be preserved

pigmenting prints - do digital to analogue updates of digital data/metadata/databases are the possible death of data pigment on paper in oxford library from 13th century use an ensured granted way to preserve data if you want it to last for time (besides using also the tech) will jpegs/tiffs last once we use quantum computers, DNA storage, wetware(neuro-cell-computing?)

answer: make books - will last at least for 300 years or longer. self publishing sustaining your research, you art.

be aware: digital artifacts are highly fragile

Tula Giamnini

self supervised learning through the thinking eye (through the programming eye?)

we have to talk about -> fraudulent data.


carbon printing is an good option, too.

lunch break

Jonathan Bowen

Handbook of Arts and Computational Culture

Aspects of Arts and Culture the global virtual stage … arts and life

What is computational culture

“an online open-access peer-reviewed journal of inter-disciplinary enquiry into the nature of the culture of computational objects, practices, processes and structures.”

Google: open-access peer-review Chat GTP: tech and digital media transforming production, distribution, interaction

takeover by Tula G:

the digital road to AI POP-culture and computing arts

mass-media shifts to audience participation experience culture challenging conservative institutions

Fin de Siècle II Nam June Paik Unsupervised by Refic Anadol 1989-2023

Metaverse and real-life convergence AI will play a key role (hole?)

Ann Borda

bearing witness

climate change acceleration 13 climate change - needs risk mitigation experimental distributed non physical museum

DEAR EARTH + serpentine gallery Whitechapel Gallery -> climate crisis - art action

Impacts on the environment - VR can avoid travel? Games awareness creation

digital divide and inclusion

“standalone” exhibitions limited in participants, supporting information

what we don’t know? mobilisation? mitigation, pledge, self guided learning, reflection

indigenous knowledges

A-Maze Artists

Collective - 2023

virtual world hubs . overcoming boundaries collaborative spaces - what are the challenges

engage the public tool sets (traditional) heritage settings virtual world integration design schematic framework digital foundations boundless transition exhibition

the huge amount of data and redundancy permanence? How are we and if do we want to do for p? Dynamic Hybrid spaces

Have your own exhibition at the Tate - take over spaces virtually.

The connection Framework

social connection

closeness and belonging uplifting social connection

requirements for connections authenticity, empathy, focus, social support

why does this matter?

upscale the environment via connective technologies connect tech has a very strong duality

fake of life <- ! creating communities engagement over safety - aggro chambers

social presents have someone who is (always) there for you

why does this matter? AI immersive biased, abuse

feel like real life, one will have the same physical reactions (& almost the same psychological) - but they are not real life

the connection framework

checking in constantly and revise it to be appropriate test with diverse groups over and over again precarious - the client will always pick the worst option

track progress different teams, different playbooks (progress/results)

example mentioned panacea

Afra Shemza (pre recorded)

Grandfather: Anvar Shemza “one square, one circle, one problem, one life is not enough to solve it”

real time projections virtual exhibition

interactive live sculptures physical light objects interactive lighting columns doors, architectural structures

also using (ambient) music soundscapes

Prof David Lengyel

Eva Berlin hosting

taking notes when you working with students ask chatGTP “make full text reports”

Call for Papers EVA Berlin 2023 29.11 -01-12 DEZ

Brandenburgische Tech Uni B-TU, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, DLR

Physical Models Complete Virtual multimediality

Common European Heritage Amphitheatre in Albania

Visual imagination social measuring visualising the architecture can show the different social models the architecture relies on

haptic wood model shell give an additional layer to the visualising movie

elliptic shape - is not - equidistance seating

Lindsay W. MacDonald

visualisation of a medieval painting

the murder of Thomas Beckett, 1170, Henry II. Guild Chapel Biblia Pauperum wall paintings

the paintings were badly damaged during the 19th century when the chapel were turned over into an evangelic one.

virtual restorations unmistaken a computer graphic model with no illumination of the colours

what of ambient light permanent of need continuously measure, compute and correct tele-spectre-radiometer (TSR)

live real colour projection tristimulus values under the measured ambient spectrum

augmented reality by projection in consideration of the ambient life

carl heyden smith

constructing the technomancy and neuromancy framework

interactive audio-based exhibits for cultivating altered states of consciousness

defining neuromancy

understanding and manipulating

enchantment divination evocation invocation illumination

we can not believe what we see on our screen

context engineering entheogens dream hacking sound technology

reality is programmable add extension senses 360 realm DMTx Psychonaut medicinal mindfulness

psychedelic experiments trans-humanist -

DMT dream mind technology experiment VR head set experiment live in someone else’s live goldfish bowl on wheels octopus - ai decoding other species# languages interventions like the whisker suit or plant leaf suit dream hacking what happens when we can create reliable lucid dream states learning new vocabulary during the dream

sound is fascinating -> nick lambert

the occult is about hidden knowledge Luhan - technology extensions are an amputation of the body and mind

have imagination

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