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Who and What is an Artist?

The woman in the kitchen

A case model:

Clem Greenberg (anti-)theses

“Abstract expressionism,” wrote poet and curator Frank O’Hara, “is the art of serious men.” Men is the key word. He also said, in 1954, that without its adventurous spirit, “we would have been given over to a cult of mechanics, of know-how … which cannot be confused with creation”

Lee Krasner’s first ever solo exhibition was at Betty Parsons in 1951. The show received very little attention in the press; not even Rosenberg or Greenberg (who was a close friend to Pollock and Krasner) bothered to review it.

Judith Godwin in 1959: “I had so many guys tell me in the ’50s that women just could not paint.”
Moreover, the institutional power structures that Nochlin argued made it “impossible for women to achieve artistic excellence, or success, on the same footing as men, no matter what the potency of their so-called talent, or genius,” have been shifting.
artnews: why-have-there-been-no-great-women-artists

Who is making what?

given is a square    
explore the posiblities with a square    
concretion: explore how to draw on a square 2d    
        or: how to fold a square 2d/3d    
        or: how to build with a square 3d    
space of task: mind | memory    
prerequisite knowledge:     
        what are the possible shapes?    
        how to create a dot, line, area?    
        how to explore?    
        ability of drawing.    
output data sets:    
memory bases like in-memory and/or data bases    
comparison loop for new    
break for optimisation - pattern recognotion,    
which might be also a	precondition    

Any program - AI or not - is based on assumtions and intentions.
It does represent someones mindset.
A computer is hardware programming.
The software is a representation of some(ones) mindset on
some other(ones) mindset. With being based on more than ones
mindset it is an aggregation’s aggregation (because the single
mindset is already an aggregation).
It is establish-ed/ing cult(ure).

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