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The Flags

developing the industrial Flags of the revolution with


triangular and improvised waves out of MDF plates

cardboard figures

build out of toilette-paper rolls, coffee and other cardboard cans of different sizes glued and limed, enforced with stripes of cardboards and covered with paper. use of aquarelle, gouache, oil pastel and lime colours.

pipes can penetrate, push trough the wavy surface


cloud, exhaust, plume, wave communication, smoke,

computer works

waves, Supper Cubes and naylines
mary heilman spirals, dots on lines, Bubbles On Lines, virtual-garden-lines, bmarden generator
you take a look at List of generators and bots.

to an extend relates to the amoebae generator

related to the folding shapes, triangle groups creating wavy forms.


basic forms

the base panel have an irregular rectangular like shape they are postcard sized and partially pre-painted with (oil) pastels

cutting the panels

3 ways to cut with 3 cuts

the cut panels mounted into the basic c-shapes with coloured glittery hot glue

the intermediate shapes

mounting 2 basic c-shapes are assembled into

final figures

combine big-C-shapes and S 5-shapes into the final figures


As the basic panels are pre-painted they receive a acrylic colours coting before the cutting. Maybe another repaint coting of the shapes after the mountings. In the next step curved lines patterns are prepared and filled in with opaque metallic colours. Transparent and semi-transparent metallic, shiny and glitter colours are applied into the gaps. Finally night glow colours finishes the painting.



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