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Finding/defining the infinite state (Michelangelo Buonarroti)

The three stages of …?

A. Breaking the forth wall - opening towards the audience (Delacroix, Berthold Brecht, Franz Erhard Walther) B. Defining the narrative space with (modular, iterative, repetitive) storytelling (Homer, Dante Allegehri, Auguste Rodin) C. Exploring the narrative space by removing the figurative parts - from abstract to konkrete (Auguste Rodin, Abstract Expressionism)

The infinite state in art and programming

´´´ A finished artwork may stay in an unfished work state, though it is final. The final state of a soft/hardware is always unfinished, otherwise it is obsolete. ´´´

William Robinson, Gravetye, Wild Garden Gertrude Jekyll, …, Cottage/English Garden, Mixed Border