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The knowledge-base image.

A simple demo.
Aka don’t paint an image twice.

for reasons of simplifications the image is black and white only
it is a square
it starts with 1 times 1 pixels


get amount of images of this size
generate one image
if (image is in database) [loop]|wait for next trigger->

if (image is not in database) do store the image Publish
if (amount of images of this size is smaller than the possibities) wait for next trigger->
if (all possible images are generated) increase the width/height by one
calculate the new possibilities
store the amount and the size in the database.

1x1^2 = 2
2x2^2 = 16
3x3^2 = 81
4x4^2 = 256
10x10^2 = 10,000
16x16^2 = 65,535

xx  x0  0x  xx  xx  00  xx  0x  x0  x0  0x  00  00  0x  x0  00
xx  xx  xx  0x  x0  xx  00  x0  x0  0x  0x  0x  x0  00  00  00

Similarities between rhythms an pixel-image-blocks.

The Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can be implemented / understood in different ways. It is
a kind of fundament - the base - one will build up ones next
know-how-what-why-and-where etc. It is also used to transit the preception
of the (outer oneself) nature to reality. Again we one use knowledge bases
to realise things into nature - making things, influence.
A transition can be made in both directions.

A knowledge base can be inherit or explicit.
Let’s focus on a example of an explicit knowledge base.

Any lexicon is an explicit knowledge base, if one does consume and (miss-)
understands one or more entries. The usage reading makes the lexicon a
base of (possible) knowledge. Otherwise it is death matter indeed.

A grammar is another structure of knowledge. It does explains and or defines
how to combinate lexical values.

lexical + grammar = (senseful) sentence
*a sentence should be senseful inherently

The difference between a grammar and an algorithm - an algorithm can represent both a grammar or a lexical structure or even both together the grammar applied to the lexicals.

Harold Cohen

Harold Cohen artist’s page @Tate
Harold Cohen: Artist’s Talk

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