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Text Based AI

AI and text is useful to creative writers in many ways

  1. Idea generation. collab writing
  2. style transfer and text transform
  3. editing and proof reading
  4. visual storytelling
  5. x discipline collaboration
  6. personalized story
  7. adaptive story

geoff davis Ma4 story generator “Hypertype” mark webster
Sasha stiles AI Text Poetry ART @ timessquare

a brief history of md gens

expert systems - accuracy but not transferable to other domains
BRUTUS ‘storytelling machine’ machine learning modelled neural networks AARON Harold Cohen used a drawing turtle provide data from somewhere

large language models


of data dignity
emotional tone of current dev
text data is taken from the internet
originators should be get pay
open source systems -
end of civilization alarming voices
by mainstream
people have to put up with progress
generating computer code
needs guidance and review
but good in annotation and doc the code

creativity of older systems

Burroughs cut-ups
storieslive webpage

ai-gens can be seen as expert systems to fulfil any task


Tivon C. Rice

models for environmental literacy

is an Island a graveyard?
a process of change
paradox of story
invent and modify

large sys
image prod mapping
understanding and annotation

generate short films

research & field work

artistic agency

Ray LC

imitations of immortality
curate GPT2 model ?

Maria Cecillia Reyes Redondo

conversational agents in the fields

ai human interaction → horoscopes likes confirmation bias?

coherence | dramatic progression
immersive interactive narratives

we become arbitrary-ties of the machine
there is no artificial here

Shu Wan

a short view of how to use gens und bot co-authors in
academic research


changes in the style of so-and-so-or-so state of art
a more organic relationship

prompt engineering

put work / your work in rather than write in the style prompts

try and use them to understand the tech and make your mind up

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