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art and language

if painting is like writing vice versa

it might be a good idea to investigate this relation or as an artist, look up writing


  • in its own right (poisoned by the left over)
  • a universal one (specifically unique to any artist)
  • open minded (therefore almost inaccessible)


art/language worldbuilding “words do build worlds”

how many words do one need write a philosophical book?

for modern languages the maximum of words is around 500.000 which includes a very big amount of unused, outdated, and lean-words

50.000 words are in common practices society wide a single person usually knows around 15.000+ words and practices 5.000± whereas on daily basis we, the person, uses ~500

a book about love dead and live behind bars has been written by an ape (chimpanzee bonobo hybrid) in a transfer communication code with around 550 signs/words/lexigrams the book was published and critiqued as impressive rich though poor language and rather philosophical with the strength of the ease of access.

hints: the great ape language and teaching chimpanzees ASL (search yourself)

Can 12 apes typing on a typewriter write a Shakespeare? No, because there was only one Shakespeare and he is dead. But he was an ape, precisely an human-ape, like us all.

So technically this question addresses two problems:

programming languages have less words, but use a lot of syntactic sugar.

programming languages keywords 2022 update
Python 2 (2.7) (31 keywords)
Python 3 (3.10) (38 keywords)
R (4.0) (21 keywords)
Ruby (2.7) (41 keywords)
Rust (1.46) (53 keywords)
Scala (2.13) (40 keywords)
Swift (5.3) (97 keywords)
Visual Basic (2019) (217 keywords)

Hint: for example PHP has over 1000 built-in functions programming languages have different concepts and with including the standard libraries different qualities and quantities of words. Pretty much like in common languages.

the misconceptions of languages

history -> his story (but not hers?)

Achill the prototype of heroes or why good people never can be heroes or do heroic stuff?

verbal and non-verbal/common. hidden puns a verbal pun is where the spelling is different but the sound is (almost) the same pun - *pun*ishment mean - *mean*ing

challenge race (race pun)

con/com -> with (someone else) -> we

therefore *com*merz

the merz bot experiment(s)

grammar, rhythm, variation

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