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Games On The Chain

unique by play or unique by programming
iterative game-design(/level/story), play - generative adaption loop, like in generative bot arts.

legacy Peter Molyneux verkauft blockchain bauland - second life / linden dollars

Multiverse Versus Metaverse

three types in the order best to worst solution:

  1. the decentralized multiverse with more the one service chain provider - the customer is part of the chain
  2. the centralized meta-verse - the service chain is fully owned and controlled by the provider
  3. METAverse by Meta aka facebook

This means old solutions services and new ones in three different fleets/boats. Adding VR/AR, other virtual spaces, v-estates agents, … whatever!


Gamer ← the user/customer → Gambler
RPGs ← the user/customer → Slotmachines

Adventures: unique story
RPG: unique items / save story path / groups-clans skill?
Shooter, Racing: assets, competition, skill
Slotmachine: money like micro management SCILL

collect the game / resell
collect the game and assets + feelies and merch
transferrable set by play uniqueness / blue notes

See the user and her group as a Decentralized Autonomy Organisation

Can we provide games/gameservers with competition/saves solution as a Decentralized App

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