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It is all banana. description of the banana-coin project. An art assets auction and management platform

Some Current Implementations

  1. art digital Swizz for physical products.
  2. artworks, which contain, produce, store their own lifecycle data. These are artist or artwork specific solutions.
  3. digital galleries for digital artwork like ,
  4. QR-code solution for physical products
  5. Digital document notary

All solutions each do solve only one very exclusive part. They do not present a global register for history, provenance, media. similar and smaller (game assets/gaming/virtual currency/closed?limited platform(beta?korean)) original contract and license model is preferred


This projects relies on
bananaserver the server with the JS one-page-app
and bananasender an API upload tester and image bot, also
bananachain the implementation test environment for the blockchain,
first idea document:

Prior experiments:

It’s All Bananas

banane an die wand geklebt (Florida Art Fair)
banane an die wand geklebt (Florida Art Fair) bio banana and tape florida art fair 2019
bio banana and tape Florida art fair 2019

certified bio banana (QR code)
certifizierte bio banane (QR code)

bio banana qr-code cretificate label

bananas on the blockchain, bio banana fair trade

Back in the “Basel Artweek”-Florida 2019 a banana taped on a white wall has been presented as an artwork by the conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan. The title of this limited edition artwork is “Comedian.”

When after a week the banana went black this artwork has been sold for 120.000 US $. The banana itself was a fair trade organic banana. Fair trade organic bananas do completely exist on the hyperledger from the qualified producer to the seller. Completely means we also know everything in between the producer and the sales point. The hyperledger is the data base for any blockchain. The qualified producer is a certified one. The certification is part of the hyperleger and usually a legal blockchain document, physical and in digital data. It is the kernel data for any fair trade organic banana in this case. Fair trade may involve secondary market evaluations for example UN-work points, though not in this special case. If the panzer-tape was produced in Germany and sold in the USA the chance is high that we can follow the whole production and delivery path to the store in the USA, because the data would still exist on an hyperledger again.

A blockchain is a data storage method for the integrity of the stored data, it’s evaluation and associated value.

Today we could reconstruct the almost full cycles for the banana taped on a wall artwork until it’s production (~10$) - the taping on the wall, yet not for the artwork (120.000$) afterwards? The whereabouts, when’s and who’s ownership. Why?

Art On The Blockchain

Some Current Implementations
art digital Swizz for physical products.
artworks, which contain, produce, store their own lifecycle data. These are artist or artwork specific solutions.
digital galleries for digital artwork like
QR-code solution for physical products
Digital document notary
All solutions each do solve only one very exclusive part. They do not present a global register for history, provenance, media.

My Problem

The second problem: digital art (in the digital sphere) does exist, too. Do we have any documentation of the making, the code to preserve, understand or reconstruct them?

… like a hyperledger.

Asset management, qualified and fair trade.

The Broken Promise(s) Of Blockchain Technology
Secondary Markets (UNO) Leistung*1 Instead Of Currency-Value

A Registry For The Art(work)s

how and what

as an assignment service and show case for artist this platform can work in a second way as a distribution platform to the enduser/collector.
Physical and none physical aka virtual ones. The hyperledger grants a long term assignment to the buyer.
For instance one may by a collectable LP as a physical product with the rights to download the (updated) mp4 versions of the LP forever (once, twice, rebuy?rights, etc)
Or a generated virtual 3d world , where the assignment grants the reconstruction by the given source an values.
Unlike NFTs these are real world products with long life support.

Christies, Sothebys and *2Barnebys are action houses who grant support to their customer for more than 200, 300, 400 years.

Copyright(first thief servers) versus German/French Author-AuthorityRights(granted unsharable natural rights)

Fair share, fair use practice - this platform is meant to be PUBLIC, not a private aka idiotic one.
whit reselling the collector agrees on the terms to share a amount of money (10%) with the artist(author) and 10% for the community aka reassigning platform.

Possible services:

The opportunity problem - playing by chance:

There is no public register for works of art / media of any kind. As a result, our cultural memory is of constant data loss threatened, while stupidity [steadily] increases with self-accelerating acceleration (vortex effect). (Bild-Zeitung and Co)

The speculative value gains over the real value of work, i.e. a work (work) as well as of work (social) itself. The result is that speculation becomes an intrinsic value in itself - speculative speculation becomes value creation without counter-value and added value. In any value system, this actually means loss of value through decoupling.

Art, media and information works are classic social added-values/added-value-systems.

Analog im Dialog, doch zuviel Digitalis führt zum Herzinfakt. PUN intended: “Anna-lied in dia-lied, but too much digital(is) leads to an heart attack.”  

Do we need a physical statement or representation of the ownership?

Salt, real value, because salt must be produced/extracted, scooped up, and has a consumption function, necessary for life Gold, purely speculative measurement of value, but jewellery art “tears of the gods”, surplus value skimming of abundance Virtual speculation’


Digital register for art and media works

Blockchain/Hyperledger based long-life code notary

with sale/auction/collection options

skimming the speculative cream off the speculation/ speculative value measurement

preserving digital/perishable art and media - curation/review/discourse on the metasphere/multiverse*3

short description

interloop digital assets and digital documentation of analogue assets with/ by a blockchain
assignment of work / trust certification
register API / (code) notary

author, asset-stack, verification
who, where, when, which, why

presentation / portfolio
exchange option / collection / marketplace
license service / community granted
cultural heritage / curation

verification of assets by the blockchain-key / key scan / photo scan

possible roles of an user

author/artist, reviewer/critique/promoter, gallery, collector, curator, museum/charity/foundation, ¿visitor(not logged in)?
what do we do with dead artists?

stakeholder verification transfer and chains of media. user/profile/author
stakeholder verification transfer and chains of media. user/profile/author

  1. the author - another chain
  1. the asset-stack - the provided blockchain API
  2. the chained data-stack - API with granted rights

@see bananachain readme and jsonc for a further detailed description

the three chains for profile, collection, media(subchains)
the three chains for profile, collection, media(subchains)

current state 2021-12-03
overview over the blockchain market
current implementations are either to small, to specific or both and not scaling
artayo, post austria/varius systems,, right management), tokapi

the solution that I invented/intended for the dsvgo/gdpr conform profile/identity management on the blockchain might be already a case of/for the eu-patent-department (TrustCerts, Mirko Mollik)

the ideas for the security/verification levels should be done those ways. Stakeholders and community are the best way.

payments via Paypal/Stripe/(Visa)/easy blockchain API like nimiq
IPBee pictures and assets - Asian markets and China - legal service

themes for art:

Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.
Logic gets you from A to B. Your imagination will take you anywhere.
Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but we’re not quite sure about the universe yet. Intelligent life in the universe is probable, but we have no proof of it yet.
The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
It is the most important art to awaken the joy of creation and cognition.

*1 the benefit power
*2 Barnebys/Barneby group nowadays is a web-auction and -search platform since 2011(digital transformation).
*3 why should we NOT leave this to Facebook/Metaverse?

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