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In loose order

I like to read, write, draw, play and paint books.

My addiction to books is caused by their fast forward or slow backwards
movements page by page depending on the attitudes of the reader.
For the last two years I’ve been writing a book a month in average.
Though last week I started and finished a book, an other book
of a similar kind takes me more than one year already. It is
a kind of unpredictable how fast I do proceed on a single book and/or
topic. Most of my books contains mixed topics. To be more
precisely I write, draw, paint and play-write my books.
They are a linear none-linear “story” of art and poems.

I loose order

The most books are written in in a loose order of themes.
Sometimes observations, conclusions on the other hand, not stricktly following one path, though the pages follow the linear structure
of a book. Those things happens if you write, draw, compose one or more pages
a day, or, any now and then not.

When I visited the Paul Stolper Gallery in London near the British Museum
I was jumping into an exhibition of Brian Eno’s Light Music. What to say -
it was magic, indeed, inspiriational, an spiritual game play experience.
B.Eno is saying ‘Art is a game’. What I always forget he was the synthesizer player
from Roxy Music - I do always remember just to “girls” and the iconic voice of
Bryan Ferry. Although Eno was a non-musician he was interested in avant-garde and
electronic music. As an studied artist the last is no wonder. Later he collaborated
with the “none-musician” David Bowie, who also studied art and design. Reading
books includes collecting books in my world. I was pretty proud I was able to catch
a copy of the exhibition catalogue. Some jumps are planed, some walks are coincidental.

I think like any creative process - music - writing - reading - ..:

Art is sanity.

It is the brain game. The life long log puzzle of learing. It does
provides to ones personality. One may ask ‘What?’ and that’s what
it is all about: for any answer you get 10 more questions. Probably
that’s why so many people hate learning. Once one started one
can not stop. One may take the questions as they come. It is up to
ones choice what to answer and where to go, fly, jump or dream along.
If one is not able to choose, why not proceed by chance.

I loop - create order

I did made books since I was a teenager. Poems with drawings
first, later writing about arts and a kind of lyric meta programming.
There is one game-play, an unfinished work, for theatre or puppets(?) and
several other game-plays one only can play as a book. I not willing
to publish them. They are part of my private collection, experiments: an
answer to one or two questions, which may answer those questions but also this answer does open to many new questions. While I do review my past-time
logs from time to time, I still do make some awesome finding about games,
media, art. Quite (un)reasonable I feel very close to that strange person
I once have been. I feel alienated by that one. I think these part I will
not present to the anyone now.

On the other hand I want to pass some questions to the public to share with you. So I am
presenting some of them on my portfolio webpage.