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Athen’s Block

An investigation on architecture and language

the inspiration

an arial photo of modern Athens street grid

older artworks, specifically those questioning J.Albers, H.Hofmann and Vera Molnar.

lieschen mueller    
© 2014-16
inspired by J.Albers
© 2023
inspired by H.Hofmann
© 2018
inspired by Vera Molnar

the basic concept

extended: squares or rectangles or quadrangles in squares or rectangles or quadrangles

lieschen mueller
right: totally random, not orientated
© 2023 July First variant of the Athens Block
left: generated by pre and script blocks
right: by input texts
© 2023 July Second variant of the Athens Block
left: made with pre and script blocks
right: by input texts

the use of tweetRandom here

tweetRandom uses an text input, uses their modular of 256 byte values, as if they were ASCII not UTF-8+ nowadays,
and generates a sequence of values between 0 and 1 which appears to be random

architecture as a proto/archetype of an universal language

The bear and burden of/in
build stable: carry and load
mobile building: movement, balance, compensation
building socially: speaking, acting, regulating
Communication, Commerce, Laws-Religion-Politics-Arts

6x6 units grid version

to program the 3d version(s) of Athen’s block, I did a 6 times 6 grid version:

the texture aka plan on the 6x6 grid
a single block min height is 1 half unit, max height is 5 half units
single block width min 1 half unit, max 5 half units
where we start? edge() or on line left, bottom, right, top?
clockwise or counter clockwise?
max height/width per line is 6 units
calculated : last block.pos,x|y + width|height must be width in >=0, <=6 units depending on clockwise
turns around util the last edge is reached(open) or the first block is reached (closed)
edge to edge turnarounds are always closed, because the first block is an edge block
variants for turnarounds: 1st. edge to 1st. edge(closed), edge to block(open),
block to edge(open), block to block (closed)
1st. edge to last edge(open), 1st. block to last block(open)
no turnarounds: line combinations: left&right, top&bottom

the face is 4x4 units
top, left, bottom, right border lines of the face

lieschen mueller © April 2024
6 times 6 grid
3d and 2d version
the 2d image is the plan
of the 3d model, colour and light
yet 3d uses light, emission and colous
2d has only shadow-colours and colour

A variation Athen’s block algorithm is used in the 3d_20rooms, libraryScribbleStructures and other generators.
It links back to bezierBubbles, bezierBubbles_3b_ani, bubbles_sq and landscape generators, and the concepts of the virtual-garden.

With the virtual, architectural space in main focus, the algorithms explore media from plain image, relief to sculpture and animation. They evaluate concepts of block building, extended blocks, framing vs unframing, openness vs enclosure.
They might be seen as a representation of a common social space, an idea of a democratic environment.

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