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Creating A Figurative Generator

Defining The Basics


with the selection of the used shapes the possible result(s) is/are predefined


like follow a path
point of shape must match / intersect another shape
color change
point of death failure (when is the image ready)
avoid loops, prefer iterations (not the same, but similar)
-> ABC example
randomness versus structure
which shapes how and when

any body is the collection of assembled shape
organized by a center composition and spreading

Optimazation Of The Outcoming Results

the use of structured data instead of pure randomness
mapping data and rules

mappings engines, possible decission ‘trees’ are square, triangle, circle, which calls the rules based on stepping through the structured data.

Importance of the inner stucture also known as texture. In comparisson to a simple shadow figure the differenciation of the inner makes the figure appear more narrative.

ABC Example

ABC -> ABC -> ABC -> ABC -> …
ABC -> BCA -> CAB -> ABC -> …
ABC -> BAC -> CAB -> CBA -> ?..

6 possible combinations of a b c if using each character only once.
The most unpredictable applieable rule is the dice rule for this example.

lieschen mueller   © 2020
example 1 example 1 with texture example 2
example 2 bird like red background for combination example 3 bird like blue
  combination what U see Is Not what U get  

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