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metaverse what is it term captured many peoples mind home definition for today: future version of todays internet all kind all media altogether and mixed together, accessible for all blockchain is part for this as a tool for transfer and payments and sammie veeler new art city: don: new art city started before the hype started screenshare sammie: diamonds as avatars concentrate on the art not on the people in the space(s) don: medium build worlds sammie: accessible as possible no blockchain needed but linkable don: it is about comfort for artists and viewers [some examples] flexibility sammie: the context of land implies the idea of bottom floor so this does not make really sense focus on make 3d worlds instead of make money with

keiken: presentations wisdom for love 3.0 biennale thailand no comments here

wisdom as a form of exchange instead of financial one dialectic thinking civilization of mind

discussion: collaborative art ping pong of ideas, give and take fluidity in dialogue with people(artists)

facebook talks about the metaverse, but our exists preservation problem with web1 and 2 should be avoided with web 3 export ones work take your work with you because lifespan of platforms are limited

platform as hub not final destination

human processes…how we interact, communicate, are technology soft tech vs hard - soft we as humans in flesh, body and emotion vs try of convincing, stealing time, …manipulative

source of feeling good - metaverse?

avatars posthumanism and nature? we create multiple versions of an avatar, because we are multiples or “zero” avatar transports the art space as direct communications

avatar always a disappointment - focus on art instead.

kind of metaverse in 5 years?

collective minds, not disconnecting us, not about money for the benefit of the gameplay of art, spiritual act it should all be art and not only from fucking NY and London but from everywhere