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Eva London 2019

christine de pizan - poetry and the cosmos

n Katherine Hayes ‘the digital machinery with which we interact recreates human consciousness’

ai-da aidan meller

Rachel Ara what do digital artist do all day?

the artwork which re-evaluates it’s own value

tech > system of power > sex >

a copy of a copy (cat)

singing scripts of weaving

technology is mystified to be complicated - it is actually not.


cell engines - game life - slight change of(f) the rules rule engines where the rule engine rewrites the rules.

complex systems - handling complexity aka chaos - chaotic systems simple but unpredictable.

cellular forms

2D surface of interconnected cells cell division mesh of cells rules when cells split if to add/remove/connect cell(s)

forces between connected cells bulge force (length of connection|potential connect) repulsion between unconnected cells

one rule cells / iterate the number of rules to 2 …

searching for the interesting stuff

aggregation may work for 3 or 4 parameters

but we do not think in 10 dimension (more than a billion samples)

express intention as human - computer delivers the interpretation example centaur chess

evolution is easily trapped into niches (computer exploits it)

machine learning how a particular system works (yet isn’t that a niche system again?) if yu use this for what one likes and what not - based on what you found already

find new stuff - far away from you have explored. recipes what and how to explore

active assistant collaborator

Digital Bodleian

challenges defined by limited resources money time retention of experienced staff variety of purpose

work based on project and funding innovation / renovation access and reuse