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A Library based Generator

Instead of building a box model gallery, this type of generator gets an open space limited in size, where the generator places architectural objects like plants, trees, stairs, ramps, columns and boxes, walls. It also generates the textures and some sound sources.

It is the exterior version of Harold Cohens interior still life generator Aaron. Nora might be a proper name.

Nora Is An A-Frame Component

Nora will generate the whole set in 3d for webVR, namely by using a-frame.

Stairs And Ramps

Stairs are an usable and visual component which like ramps changes the position in x and z, but also y aka height location. The ramp moves the position of the observer/player to an podium in between. The stair changes the position step by step.


Each usage of Nora will generate a new set of textures, which will be added to the library of textures. Nora itself is using randomly fetched textures from the library. This “random” might be generated by an semantic and/or semiotic algorithm. In the first implementation it will be pure Math.random.

3D Model And Assemblages Generator Library

For trees and other items Nora might use 3d models or generators, which assembles basic bodies a little bit more complex assemblages. The generators and the models are parts of a library. Nora will select from this library randomly again.

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