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(de)compositions, improvisations and constructions

improvisation: free assemble of motives maybe related to an landscape impression
composition: an improvisation on an imagined geometry an improvisation on unclearly defined rules
de-composition: destruction of an imagined geometry and rules
construction: following established geometry and rules

lieschen mueller © 2020 September - Oktober  

lieschen mueller © 2019 Februar - June this first set of pencil and watercolour postcard sized images was drawn during the “Franz West” Exhibition Tate Modern
thanks to the seating in the chouches

lieschen mueller © 2020 November  

lieschen mueller     © Dezember 2020 - March 2021

“Martian Flower Club” a floriculture cultural terraforming project in the virtuality lieschen mueller @copy; March 2021

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