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Daowo summit.


First words of thoughts:

“We are all prisoners of our own mindsets”

Redefining the value(evaluation) of art. Both for it’s social role and the needs of living (of the artist)

DAO decentralized organizations

market(place) pyramid - displacement

unintended consequences

ccc or fragtioned ownership (authorship)

before web 1.0 uid/uidl moved into data copied/link resources - illegal blockchain may enable us to redo the uidl thing

is the art economy 3.0? Why are we seeing blockchain ecosystems still in isolation? Why is the still such a limited level of involvement by existing major art world stakeholders?

Make it actually function in the artworld - artists have to do these jobs.

Share knowledge eco(nomic)system - block - chain?

what is daowo dao with others Rob Myers 2014 furtherfield

Rethinking the Factory (Andy Warhol (any war hole))

risk of oversimplifying the value system of the art world economic judgement system and curation and access to location

example: use blockchain as a security layer. Could have been solved with a database though.

Without the artist there would no be any art. Conflict points - narrative aka exposure, shared eco-system/environment which voice gets heard / hurt

chain of trust - blockchain involves a least one challenge system how does that compete with the idea of an cooperative (art) eco/social-system?

AxNA - ZIEN - experimental AxNA is a group of 14 people

Artist –narrative in between– Audience Agency of the Artist and the diffusion of digital culture

[AR overlay history - blockchained visual identification of the artwork]

[why chain anyway?]

artist create - subscriber claims scarce editions image, video, audion, code, …data

kind of a collectable aka closet game

Audience became part of economics sketched and layouted by the artists. techy artists?

Why AxNa?

A culture is the sum of beliefs people behold. Narratives are fallible.

Potential vs Order Money is a strong dominant story. Superceeds art. @artxna

Competitive vs cooperative behaviour You never can own the control over your users.