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image banane an die wand geklebt (Florida Art Fair) image bio banana and tape florida art fair 2019

image certifizierte bio banane (QR code)
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bananas on the blockchain image bio banana fair trade

Back in the “Basel Artweek”-Florida 2019 a banana taped on a white wall has been presented as an artwork by the conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan. The title of this limited edition artwork is “Comedian.”

When after a week the banana went black this artwork has been sold for 120.000 US $. The banana itself was a fair trade organic banana. Fair trade organic bananas do completely exist on the hypeledger from the qualified producer to the seller. Completely means we also know everything in between the producer and the sales point. The hyperledger is the data base for any blockchain. The qualified producer is a certified one. The certification is part of the hyperleger and usually a legal blockchain document, physical and in digital data. It is the kernel data for any fair trade organic banana in this case. Fair trade may involve secondary market evaluations for example UN-work points, though not in this special case.
If the panzer-tape was produced in Germany and sold in the USA the chance is high that we can follow the whole production and delivery path to the store in the USA, because the data would still exist on an hyperledger again.

A blockchain is a data storage method for the integrety of the store data, it’s evaluation and associated value.

Today we could reconstruct the almost full cycles for the banana taped on a wall artwork until it’s production (~10$) - the taping on the wall, yet not for the artwork (120.000$) afterwards? The whereabouts, whens and whos ownership. Why?

Art On The Blockchain

Some Current Implementations

  1. art digital Swizz for physical products.
  2. artworks, which contain, produce, store their own lifecycle data. These are artist or artwork specific solutions.
  3. digital galleries for digital artwork like ,
  4. QR-code solution for physical products
  5. Digital document notary

All solutions each do solve only one very exclusive part. They do not present a global register for history, provenance, media.

My Problem

The second problem: digital art (in the digital sphere) does exist, too. Do we have any documentation of the making, the code to preserve, understand or reconstruct them?

… like a hyperledger.

Asset managment, qualified and fair trade.

The Broken Promise(s) Of Blockchain Technology

Secondary Markets (UNO) Leistung* Instead Of Currency-Value

*the benefit power

A Registry For The Art(work)s

how and what

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